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Updating Your Bathroom on a Budget

When the budget won’t stretch to a complete re-fit of your bathroom, give it a facelift with these five simple ideas. Better still, they don’t come with a huge price tag and can be completed in a few hours too!

How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror

It is often overlooked and yet, the bathroom mirror is essential. Not only is it part of using the bathroom, it also reflects light about the space, perfect for making it feel bigger than it is.

Bathroom Wall Coverings – What are the Options?

After the hard work of choosing your new bathroom and having it installed, you come to the finishing touches. The wall covering in the bathroom is important. The right choice can stave off the harsh effects of steam, damp and moisture. But what are the options?

How to Make Your Bathroom Family-Friendly

The bathroom is an important room in the family home. But with some children reluctant to bathe or get in the shower, making it a fun and appealing room is key. And here’s how!

Designing a Bathroom for Seniors

With an ageing population, we need to re-think a lot of the design features that we see as ‘traditional’ in certain rooms. You want to live in your home easily, safely and comfortably. For seniors, it is the bathroom that often poses the most risk.


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