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Crest Bathroom Wet room Conversion:

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Crest Bathroom Wet room Conversion:

So often now we are asked to replace the bath for a walk-in shower. The desire for a luxurious showering area has increased over the last 10 years considerably so.

During that same time the desire for a wet floor has also increased, sold in tandem with a Walk-In enclosure you now have a modern and minimalistic showering room.  As many of us enjoy the sun abroad our eyes have been opened to how our European cousins take pleasure from large open spaces for showering. They give freedom of movement and a sense of luxury through their size. Hectic fast paced lifestyles are made easier with the convenience of having a shower and not filling the bath.

Outwith desire is need

With the older population the need for easy access showering areas has increased. The bath has become an obstacle course where bathing or showering has become difficult and almost perilous. So that same modern, minimalistic cutting edge of bathroom design has been picked up by the older generation who are not interested in a bathroom that resembles a hospital for those that need special care. No, ‘future proofing’ this room has become an essential upgrade to our homes in-turn creating a wonderfully modern open environment that caters for all of our needs.

Here is our latest transformation. The request was for a bathroom renovation that made safety a priority and allowed personal needs to be fulfilled without sacrificing looks. A bathroom that is not only modern but also maximises modern technology.

Why did we choose such products?

We have a large shower screen with a folding section. This allows wheelchair access as well as creating the ability for a carer to help with showering and not get wet from the experience.  The manufacturer Novellini uses state of the art technology with True Chrome finishing on the profiles that no other showering manufacture can achieve.

As well as showering enclosures, Novellini also manufacture folding seats. Here we are able deliver safety and design. The product is designed to look good but is made with safety paramount. Now those that need to sit can and those who do not are not obstructed in any way.  No more unsightly seating balanced above the rim of the bath.

We have chosen a rather unique electric shower. Designed and manufactured by Vado this shower is independent from the shower riser and handset and thus can be positioned away from the end wall and be operated before stepping into the shower, allowing the desired temperature to be reached before entering, as well as allowing control by a carer if required.

We have aligned grab bars for stability and a shower holder to the left for ease of use with washing.

The floor tiles are chosen specifically as they carry a commercial rated R10 anti slip purpose, for obvious reasons. Again look and design are also always at the forefront to help complete the look.

The wet floor area is completely level with the rest of room, eliminating any hazards that would arise with a step. This allows the room to feel totally open and ultra-modern in look and feel.

We have chosen a ‘Comfort Height’ toilet. This has allowed our customers to remove the separate raised toilet seat and support arms from the previous bathroom. The simple lines of this toilet give a wonderful elegant look to what was once simply a practical solution to a physical need for support and ease of use. None of these requirements have been sacrificed by adding another grab bar for much needed stability.

Finally we have modern storage that compliments the room in both colour and look. This product is designed by Roca a European market leader in design and quality. Choosing a unit that has drawers allows easy access to your bathroom products that a cupboard just cannot give. No more sore knees as you rummage around looking for your favourite bathroom essentials.

Future Proofing without compromise

More and more people that come into our showroom are now thinking further down the line. Not only does the bathroom need to fulfil our physical needs but it must always look up to date and complement our home in look and design. At Crest we have been fitting wet rooms and converting bathrooms for almost 40 years. As a small family business we have many desires to help achieve our goals, our first is offering advice. If you are considering a bathroom renovation or a wet room conversion like this one all you have to do is visit the showroom and let our team advise you today.




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