Meet the Team

Grant King

"Hi and welcome to our family business Crest Bathrooms. We believe firmly that what separates Crest from the rest is service. No-where in Scotland can you be advised and looked after like you are here. With over 100 years combined service and experience, our team are dedicated to offering an exceptional customer experience, with an objective in making our customers feel valued and welcome, to spend time with them and understand their needs at all times.  In an industry full of technical challenges, that's driven more and more by design and fashion, it's essential that you find a team and a service that you can trust and I am confident we have the right bunch of people to deliver our values."  

Lorraine Donoghue

"Hello I am Lorraine Donoghue. I have been working with Crest Bathrooms for over 13 years now. I take care of all Crests' admin as well as lending a hand on the showroom floor when it's needed, as I was employed firstly for my sales. I really enjoy my work and you will find that we all work well as a team ensuring our customers feel confident and relaxed when purchasing a Crest Bathroom."

Irene Henney

"Hi, I'm Irene Henney. I have been working in the Kitchen and Bathroom Industry for close to 30 years, some 20 of these being with Crest Bathrooms. My product knowledge is excellent and I am well versed in all aspects of the bathroom installation. You will find me honest, direct and easy to deal with and I look forward to meeting you when you visit our showroom." 

John Davidson

"Hi I am John Davidson, I have been with Crest now for 18 years. However I have been in the Industry, in total, for more than 30 years. I may not be as nimble round the showroom as I once was but my mind is just as quick as it was when I first started out. I enjoy having a laugh and a joke with my customers, but more importantly I know the bathroom game; and I will help you design your bathroom. So why not come along to see us at Crest and just ask for Big Honest John."